Panasonic range of cameras that offer variable frame rates, typically from 1-60 f/s for video and cinematographic projects. So, if working at a nominal 24 f/s, the system offers x 6 speed up (undercranking) to x 2.5 slow down (overcranking). The system works by continuously recording 60 f/s to tape while the images are captured at the appropriate rate. Then the relevant useful frames are flagged. Editing equipment with a VariCam interface can use the flag to record the right frames and so replay them at the right speed (e.g. with Panasonic and Quantel editing systems).

The range covers SD, HD and 4K UHD models. There is also P2, a solid-state camera recording system that offers long-form recording and high-speed transfers to editing equipment. P2 cards offer up to 64 GB storage and can operate in an editing environment as well as on the camera.

See also: DVCPRO P2, VFR