LTO-5, LTO-6

Linear Tape-Open. An open magnetic tape data storage technology started in the late 1990s. The standard form factor is called ‘Ultrium’ and uses linear, not helical , recording. In 2000 an LTO-1 Ulitrium cartridge could store 100 GB. There is a development plan guided by the Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Program Technology Provider Companies HP, IBM and Quantum. In 2012 it reached LTO-6, offering 2.5 GB storage per cartridge, with a maximum data speed of 160 MB/s. There is also a lossless 2.5:1 LTO-DC data compression scheme available (not suitable for video). In the video industry LTO is used for video archive and transfer.

LTO-7 is immanent, offering 6.4 TB native capacity before using the 2.5:1 compression, and 315 MB/s maximum date speed. The LTO development plan continues, stretching to LTO-10.

See also: SAIT-2