In-server editing

Editing at a workstation which directly edits material stored in a server. For this the workstation does not need large-scale video and audio storage but depends totally on the server store. The arrangement allows background loading of new material to the server, via several ports if required, and playout of finished results, while avoiding any need to duplicate storage or transfer material to/from the workstation and allowing any number of connected workstations to share work. The efficiency of in-server editing allows fast throughput and is specially attractive to news as well as to post production where jobs can be instantly available in rooms, or moved between rooms.

This depends on using a server that can act as an edit store and perform reliable video replay and record functions. It also requires a powerful interface to the edit workstation.

Quantel’s edit workstations with sQ servers operate this way. The workstation/server connection is by Gigabit Ethernet.

in-server editing

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