Film recorder (digits to film)

Equipment which inputs digital images and outputs exposed negative film. For this, CRT, laser-based and D-ILA LCOS imaging device technology recorders expose high-resolution images onto film. Here there is some emphasis on speed, taking a few seconds per frame, as well as image quality. Laser-based models can scan a 35mm image in about 2s for 2K, (4s for 4K), CRT-based recorders 1s (3.5) and D-ILA imagers can expose 3 f/s for 2K (4K not known).

While the use of film for acquisition and presentation has greatly diminished, in one respect the workflow has reversed as film recorders are needed to create film copies of digital motion pictures for presentation in the many thousands of remaining film-based cinemas. For archiving, many believe that film has a far greater shelf life than digital media, is immune to the digital world’s technology creep and obsolescence, and proven to survive well for many decades.