Edit Decision List. A text file describing the make up of a program by defining the shots to be used , their inpoints, duration and sequence. EDLs can be produced during an off-line editing session and passed to the on-line suite to control the conforming of the final edit. In order to work across a range of equipment there are some widely adopted standards such as CMX 3400 and 3600. News journalists working with integrated news production systems, such as Quantel’s Enterprise sQ news systems, can effectively create EDLs at their desktops.

EDLs have been frozen in time and not kept pace with the continued development of post production. They do not carry information on DVEs, complex color correction, layering, keying etc., or carry other data about ownership, rights, etc. The development of AAF has filled these gaps. There has however been some extension to the original format to allow simple color corrections to be defined by creating the CDL which combines the edit timings of the EDL with basic color controls for Offset, Gain, Gamma and Saturation for RGB data – 10 parameters in total.

See also: AAF, CDL, Conform, OMFI