Dual link

The bandwidth of SDI and HD-SDI links allow the transport of uncompressed 4:2:2 sampled video and embedded digital audio. Dual links are often used to carry larger requirements, such as video with key (4:2:2:4), RGB (4:4:4) and RGB with key (4:4:4:4). Dual link for SD is defined in ITU-R/BT.799-2 and RP 175-1997. Dual link at HD is used for stereo3D and 50/60 P.

A dual link is arranged to allow some meaningful monitoring of each of the two links with standard equipment. So RGB is sent with Link A carrying full bandwidth G, half R and B (4:2:2). Link B is just half bandwidth R and B (0:2:2). RGB + Key is sent as (4:2:2) and (4:2:2).

See also: 0:2:2, 4:2:2, HD-SDISDI, Y Cr Cb

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