Display resolutions

The computer industry has developed a series of display resolutions which span television’s SD, HD and UHD, a selection is listed below. The availability of hardware to support these resolutions has, and will continue to benefit television and digital film.

All use square pixels and none correspond exactly to television formats so attention to size and aspect ratio is needed when using computer images on TV and vice versa.

TypeSizeM PixelsAspect ratio 
VGA640 x 4800.314:31.33
SVGA800 x 6000.484:31.33
XGA1024 x 7680.794:31.33
SXGA1280 x 10241.315:41.25
UXGA1600 x 12802.055:41.25
WUXGA1920 x 12002.316.101.60
QXGA2048 x 15363.154:31.33
QSXGA2560 x 20485.244:31.33
WQSXGA3200 x 20486.5516.101.56
WQUXGA3840 x 24009.2216.101.56
4K4096 x 23049.4416:91.77
HXGA4096 x 307212.584:31.33
WHUXGA7680 x 480036.8616.101.56

Video SDTV                 720 x 576 (not square pixels)
720 x 480 (not square pixels)

Video HDTV                1920 x 1080
2K DCI cinema            2048 x 1080
2K digital film             2048 x 1556
4K TV (UHD1)              3840 x 2160
4K DCI cinema            4096 x 2160
4K digital film             4096 x 3112
8K TV (UHD2)              7680 x 4320

*The image area of Full Frame film 35 mm images is usually scanned to occupy 2048 x 1536 pixels (4K – 4096 x 3072). The extra 20 (40) lines scan the black strip between successive frames which only carries image information if film is shot with an open gate.

See also: 2K, Aspect ratio

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