Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP, A.K.A. MPEG-DASH, makes use of standard HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol – as in the internet) web servers to provide a high quality adaptive bit-rate streaming video service. As the video or audio is usually quite long, and a lot of data, it divides the content into small segments which are then sent as a series of small HTTP files. The server makes the content available in a range of bit rates so the receiver can select the highest quality version that provides continuous video or audio – no freezes or breaks. It also means that the service can adapt to fit with the available bandwidth as the speed of the internet connection varies.

DASH-IF is the DASH Industry Forum that is made up of 67 industry members from around the world.

DASH-PG is the Promoters’ Group. Its membership includes manufacturers, content owners, operators, and more. The goal is to promote DASH as a widely available solution for adaptive streaming.

DASH-VLC a Video LAN Player designed to work with DASH. Generally VLCs are available as downloads, and can play a wide range of video formats. A DASH-VLC is designed to work with DASH.

Website: dashif.org