Cut (edit)

A transition at a frame boundary from one clip or shot to another. On videotape a cut edit is performed by recording (dubbing) the new clip at the out-point of the previous clip. This contrasts with modern techniques such as FrameMagic where true random access storage provides real-time access to all stored frames and so no re-recording is required; there is simply an instruction to read frames in a new order. Simple nonlinear disk systems may need to shuffle, or de-fragment their recorded data in order to achieve the required frame-to-frame access for continuous real-time replay.

The editable frame boundaries may be restricted by video coding systems such as MPEG-2, MPEG-4, VC-1, HEVC, etc. Non-compressed component video and video that is compressed using I-frame only compression (e.g. DV, motion JPEG, motion JPEG 2000 or I-only MPEG-2) can be edited on any frame boundary without additional processing.


See also: Fragmentation, I-frame only