Cineon (file)

An RGB bitmap file format (extension .cin) developed by Kodak and widely used for storing and transferring digitized film images in production and post production. It accommodates a range of film frame sizes up to full Vista Vision (rarely used format 36 x 18.3mm frame laid horizontally). In all cases the digital pictures have square pixels and use 10-bit log sampling. The sampling is scaled so that each of the code values from 0-1023 represents a density difference of 0.002 – describing a total density range of 2.046, equivalent to an exposure range of around 2,570:1 or about 11.3 stops. Note that this is no longer beyond the range of modern negative film and so has led to the use of higher precision file formats.

The format was partly designed to hold virtually all the useful information contained in negatives and so create a useful ‘digital negative’ suitable as a source for post production processing and creating a digital master of a whole program.

See also: 10-bit log, ACES, Color spaces, DPX