The first edition of the Digital Fact Book was conceived by Dave Scammell over 25 years ago when the digital age in broadcasting and post production was still in its infancy. It was designed to provide a balanced, independent and, above all, useful source of reference on digital terminology, standards and technology for everyone involved in the industry – from students to seasoned professionals who had grown up in an analog world. Since then the Digital Fact Book has gone through thirteen major updates, with well over 250,000 hard copies distributed by Quantel and countless references made to the online versions over more recent years.

This latest revision for 2015 has involved a complete update of every existing entry and the addition of many new ones, reflecting the continuing rapid rate of change in our industry, and in particular, the increasing adoption of web and IP technology. Particular thanks to Bob Pank, who has edited this and every previous edition of the Digital Fact Book, with ample contributions as usual from David Throup. Thanks also go to Mike Knee and Mike Mayer, whose eagle eyes, deep technical knowledge and excellent grasp of grammar have identified many ‘opportunities for enhancement’ in the editorial process. Last but by no means least, grateful thanks to Steve Robinson, who created this website and gave the Digital Fact Book a great new home online.

As befits a reference ‘manual’ for our ever-changing world, the new online Digital Fact Book is very much a living thing and will be continually updated as new technologies and terminologies continue to emerge.